Wimpy Player

A modern, skin-able, mobile-ready
web audio & video player based
on HTML 5,  Javascript and CSS.

• Works Everywhere, Mobile + Desktop
• Unlimited Skin Designs
Fluid + Responsive
Extensive Javascript API
• No Dependencies ( jQuery, Prototype, etc. not required)
• Pure Javascript, CSS & HTML5 + Auto Flash Fallback (if needed)

Works on all modern mobile devices, operating systems and browsers.

Automatic Playlists

Automatic playlist offer simplified media managment on your site.

Simple Setup

Simple html and javascript code for your web pages.


Skins Galore

Many skins available or create your own with Skin Machine.

Wimpy Button

Incorporate audio play buttons into your page with ease. Integrate custom CSS, use plain old links, or images to play a track.


Play | Pause
<a href> Link
Styled DIV


Online CSS Skin Designer

The sky’s the limit.

Use Skin Machine to design a skin that matches your web site's look and feel -- without compromises.

Skin Machine itself is based on HTML5, Javascript and CSS,  so what you see is truely what you get.

Use Skin Machine to create:

- Wimpy Player Skins
- Wimpy Button CSS Classes
- Standard CSS and HTML for any other purposes (using the "export" features in the logo menu.)

Launch Skin Machine