Automatically Advance to Next Track

autoAdvance -- Upon completion of a track, the player will automatically advance to the next track without user intervention.


If set to yes, when a track is done, wimpy will automatically go to the next track in the playlist.

If set to "no" the user must click the "next" button, or click on a track in the playlist manually.

This option is useful if you are trying to conserve bandwidth and do not want the player to continuously go to each track while the user is away from their computer.



When plugPlaylist is set, Wimpy will ignore autoAdvance and set it to "yes" temporarily -- thus allowing the "plug" to play and automatically advance to the next "real" track. Once the "plug" is played, autoAdvance is returned to it original state.

If using a plugPlaylist, Wimpy will play one of the tracks in plugplaylist then automatically advance to the next "real" track. When a "real" track is done playing, Wimpy will

This option is dependant on the state of the loopPlaylist button. When the loop button is set to "one" the autoAdvance option will continue playing the current track. If the loop button is set to "one" and the autoAdvance setting is set to "yes" the current track will not continue to loop, it will only play once.






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