Background Color

bkgdColor -- Sets the background color for the player in the HTML code..


Sets the background color of the HTML page (or HTML table) and establish the background color for the SWF object.

If using the transparency option, the SWF object's background color is still set for browsers that do not support transparency; However for browsers that do support transparency, the SWF's background will be "see through" and any color or background image in the HTML page or table will become visible through the player.


As HTML option:
This option does not apply directly yo rending the player's size within HTML. To alter the size of the player when using "HTML only" you must edit the width and height of both the <object> and <embed> tags in the HTML code.

<object ... >
   <param name="bgcolor" value="#e6b426" />
<embed ...
bgcolor="#e6b426" ... >

As Wimpy Configs Option:


As Javascript Option:





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