Debug Mode

debugMode -- Sets the amount of feedback displayed during startup.


The following screen shots show what you will see when debugMode is set to various settings:

debugMode = no
Customizer Tool set to "Default"
debugMode is not set (default setting)

By default, Wimpy will display a single line of light-gray text indicating the current action. In the image to the right, we've circled the light-gray text for accentuation.


debugMode = sup
Customizer Tool set to "Suppress All Text"

Same as above, but no single gray line of text appears during start up.

debugMode = yes
Customizer Tool set to "Detailed Info "

When debugMode is set to "yes" a window will appear covering nearly the entire player, which shows each step of the start up and loading sequence. You can close and / or move this window by "grabbing" it along the edges.

In addition a second window will be displayed when you launch a track beneath the main debug window. This second window displays run-time and load progress details of each track that is played.

This second window is useful when interacting with Wimpy via Javascript, and can provide you with useful information on the current state of a particular file and a slightly easier to read / quick reference to the variables that are available for the current tracks progress and loading status.



yes -- Displays detailed information about the start up sequence and track playing and loading details.
sup -- Suppresses (turns off) all start up text
no -- Shows subtle single line during startup. (default)



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