Size (width and height)

wimpyWidth, wimpyHeight -- Sets the size of the player with your HTML page



When using the Customizer Tool, you can either set the size of the player automatically, based on the dimensions of the skin, or manually.

If "Size" is set to "Auto detect" and a skin file is selected, the Customizer Tool will automatically read the dimensions from the specified skin file.

if ("Size" is set to "Set size manually" the Customizer Tool will not read the skin dimensions, but rather, use the dimensions you enter into the "width" and "height" files. Setting the size manually allows you to tweak the size of the player when it is rendered in the HTML code -- allowing you to shrink or stretch the player according to specific needs.



As HTML option:
To alter the size of the player when using "HTML only," edit the width and height of both the <object> and <embed> tags in the HTML code.

<object ... width="200" height="350" ... >
<embed ...
width="350" height="350" ... >

As Wimpy Configs Option:


As Javascript Option:








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