Transparent Background

tptBkgd -- Makes the player "see through" when rendered in an HTML page.


Wimpy will "show through" to the image or color in the HTML page (or table) background.

NOTE: To utilize this feature, the skin must have a transparent background.

NOTE: For browsers that do not support transparency; the SWF's background will be "see through" and any color or background image in the HTML page (or table) will become visible through the player. For the browsers that are not capable of using transparency, the background color specified will be used.






As HTML option:
NOTE: A new <param> tag is added to the <object> tag and a new attribute "wmode" is added to the <embed> tag. (These do not exist / can't be edited in the "standard" code. )

<object ... >
  <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

<embed ... wmode="transparent" ... >

As Wimpy Configs Option:


As Javascript Option:




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