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Before you begin... please consider:

Wimpy was designed FOR THE WEB

Attempting to test Wimpy on pages loaded off of your local PC will probably not work because Wimpy is based on browser-based, web technologies.

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The Customizer & Skin Machine Tools

Wimpy was designed to work across a wide range of browsers and devices, so your users will not experience any issues regardless of what browser they are using.

However, Customizer and Skin Machine are leverage many advanced features only available in modern, web-standards-based browsers. 

So when using either of these tools, be sure to use one of the following browsers:

IMPORTANT: Customizer and Skin Machine may or may not function properly with Internet Explorer (even the latest version if IE) because IE does not adhere to W3C standards, which are required for some of the advanced features of these specialized tools.



Wimpy leverages several features found in the new HTML-5 specification. As such, your pages need to inform the browser that there is modern HTML code in there!

It's easy, just make the following the first line of your HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>

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Source Code Editor

Eliminate the potential for breaking the code. -- use a Source Code Editor -- otherwise, code can get re-formatted or altered, which can break the code.

Plus, special characters can be mis-represented when using a program like Microsoft Word, (or another program that was not designed specifically to write computer code).

Just don't do it man!

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