Using FLAC audio files


As of version 7.7.55 Wimpy now supports the FLAC audio file format. Wimpy uses the Aurora.js package to playback FLAC files.

To use FLAC audio files with Wimpy, you'll need to manually include a reference to the wimpy.flac.js script file AFTER the main wimpy.js "engine" script in your HTML.


<script src="/wimpy/wimpy.js"></script>
<script src="/wimpy/wimpy.flac.js"></script>


The wimpy.flac.js file is included in the Wimpy download ZIP package. See the "wimpy.flac" folder of the wimpy download ZIP package.

Seeking with FLAC requires "seek tables", which are markers established in the file at 1 second intervals. Use the "metaflac" tools to add a seektable.

Preparing your FLAC files

FLAC files may need some modification to enable seeking along the wimpy timeline. Seeking with FLAC requires 1 second interval "seektables" set up within the files. Use the "metaflac" tools to add a seektable entry every second.

Windows + *nix

Download the "metaflac" tools from



Install "metaflac" tools for Mac using Homebrew:

$ brew install flac


Once "metaflac" is installed on your machine, run the following commands:

$ cd /path/to/flac/files/
$ metaflac --add-seekpoint=1s *.flac